• 86 Type 300M Wireless Wall Switch Socket Photo №4
  • 86 Type 300M Wireless Wall Switch Socket Photo №4

86 Type 300M Wireless Wall Switch Socket

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Descriptions Introduce:
Wall embedded sockets, there are a variety of functions.Such as wireless router,  USB charging, wireless repeater.Applicable to the modern intelligent household, hotels, enterprises, small office and other places.
Features: access to exchange 110-240v mains, no additional power adapter.
2.built the word's top antenna, the signal that coverage is wider and stronger air-penetration.
3.5v 1500ma usb output power,but for the vast majority of mobile phones,tablets etc.For providing quick charge. LAN port output, choice of wired and wireless network.
5.the design of the hardware WPS, WiFi switch, WiFi signal is turned on or off closed.
6.convenient relay function,can reduce signal blind area,extend the WiFi distance, well save big network cabling.
SpecificationDimensions and WeightPackage Contents
Product weight: 0.2000 kg
Package weight: 0.2500 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Wall Socket
86 Type 300M Wireless Wall Switch Socket- Bee Yellow


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