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Soft Solid Color Mulberry Silk Quilt

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Bedding Descriptions Features:
Mulberry silk quilt has nine advantages:
1, environmental protection, pure natural.
2, skin-friendly, nourishing face.
3, fluffy, breathable.
4, soft, warm and strong.
5, easy, anti-fatigue.
6, antibacterial, hypoallergenic.
7, health, beautiful skin.
8, run cool, help sleep.
9, high quality, low price.

1. The cleaning of the silk quilt is not washed with water and is not dry-cleaned and ironed. If the stain is contaminated, the neutral detergent can be used for local wiping and sun-drying. If the area of the stain is large, it is recommended to use the special liquid for the dry-and-wash shop to be wiped.
2. The silk cannot be exposed for a long time, but it is best to take it out for two hours every two weeks. After drying, gently tap it to keep it fluffy.
3. Silk quilt should not be stored in the humid and sultry environment or in plastic bags to prevent the silk from dampness and loss of heat preservation and air permeability. Avoid heavy pressure, do not pile heavy objects on the quilt, so as not to become thin and hard. Do not use camphor pills and other chemical drugs, so as not to pollute silk.
SpecificationProduct Details
Bedding Sets Type: Quilt
Material: Mulberry Silk
Patterns: Solid
Crafts: Hand-Made
Set Quantity: 1piece
Weight: 4.9920kg
Package Contents: 1 x Quilt


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