• Bluetooth Editing LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Personalized APP Mask Photo №4
  • Bluetooth Editing LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Personalized APP Mask Photo №4
  • Bluetooth Editing LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Personalized APP Mask Photo №4

Bluetooth Editing LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Personalized APP Mask

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LED Mask Youtube Video Reviews LED Mask Descriptions Main Features:
Full of sense of Technology, Personalized LED display
Various patterns / multiple characters / arbitrary changes

The sound follows the rhythm
Mobile phone plays music, and the mask moves with the sound: two styles of personality

Free editing presents as much as possible
With high-efficiency LED display, the luminous time is greatly prolonged
To control interesting patterns / words as you please
Exclusive mobile app control, powerful, meet all your personality.

Display screen color
7 kinds of colors, red, purple, yellow, green, cyan, blue and white

USB charging port
Charging for 4 hours
The battery life is 6 hours

Expansion belt
Adjust the comfort of wearing elastic and tight

Interior ventilation design
Select high-quality materials, no sweat when crazy

It is suitable for live, bar, KTV, music festival, daily protection, disco, night trip

Personalized mask (large screen display)
Battery: 450mAh
USB charging: 5V / 1A
Lamp beads: 512
Lamp bead model: RGB2121
Life time: 6h
Charging time: 4h
Mode: Bluetooth editor
Display color: colorful
Pattern: Various animation patterns, support DIY patterns
Text Edit: Support multi-language input
Graffiti Edit: Creative graffiti display
Display mode: Fixed, left, right, up, down, blinking, reverse font, snowflake
Music mode: Music playback + music rhythm
Large screen mask size: 21cm * 15cm
Display size: 17cm * 7cm

Large screen mask can be reversed by double-clicking the switch
Large screen mask 8 display functions: picture scroll, laser, static, left, right, up, down, snowflake


Nach 19 Tagen heute die Anlieferung. Alles gut geschützt verpackt. Die Masken haben ein gute Verarbeitung, kräftige Farben, auch aus ein paar Metern noch alle gut lesbar. Vorallem absolut individuell! Ein Tipp: Die GROSSE Maske ist für kleine und normale Köpfe/Gesichter doch etwas zu groß! Hier besser die kleinere Ausführung kaufen!!! Hoffe, das der Spass noch lange anhält und der verbaute Akku auch! Einzig für die Bedienungsanleitung benötigt man eine Lupe, aber damit kann man leben. INSGESAMT: Klare Kaufempfehlung.<br><br>Después de 19 días de hoy la entrega. Todo embalado bien protegido. Las máscaras tienen un buen acabado, colores fuertes, todo aún legible desde unos pocos metros. ¡Sobre todo, absolutamente individual! Un consejo: ¡la máscara GRANDE es demasiado grande para cabezas/caras pequeñas y normales! ¡Mejor compre la versión más pequeña aquí! ¡Espero que la diversión dure mucho tiempo y también la batería incorporada! Solo necesita una lupa para las instrucciones de funcionamiento, pero puede vivir con eso. GENERAL: recomendación de compra clara.<br><br>After 19 days today the delivery. Everything packed well protected. The masks have a good workmanship, strong colors, all still legible from a few meters. Above all, absolutely individual! A tip: The LARGE mask is a bit too big for small and normal heads / faces! Better buy the smaller version here !!! Hope the fun lasts for a long time and so does the built-in battery! You only need a magnifying glass for the operating instructions, but you can live with that. OVERALL: Clear buy recommendation.

I have seen a few of these masks on different websites but did not think that they would be any good. This mask is just Great Very bright and very easy to use. The Bluetooth option is a bit tricky to use but once you get it it works very well. Many of my friends were surprised by how good this mask is and are going to order their own one.

This mask is very cool. Works as expected. Definitely a hot spot at parties. The colors are very bright and vibrant. This mask not only fits my face very well, but also looks great! I am a little nervous because it does cover my nose, and it is a thicker material, but it can breathe easily, I never feel uncomfortable or out Khan should wear it. Exactly what I wanted, definitely recommend this.

With this mask you can breathe freely. Have attractive led display. Battery last for days. Can be controlled via app from Google Play. App is very nice. Must not be washed but can be disinfected with 90% alcohol. And is comfortable. No ear pain.

Gostei da máscara Led, é ótima diversão e serve para divulgação de produtos! <br>Vem com um filtro e manual! Basta instalar o app e se conectar via Bluetooth. <br>Único detalhe que não gostei é que não tem como remover a placa Led para higienizar a máscara! <br>Tirando esse detalhe, recomendo o produto!

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