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IV-18 Fluorescent Tube Glow Clock Energy Pillar

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Clock Descriptions Main Features:
1. Real-time time display
Displaying time is one of the basic functions of the clock. The energy bar can display hour, minute, and second at the same time, and the decimal point will flash at a frequency of 2 Hz;
The time display format supports two kinds of 12H/24H, and according to the different usage habits in the United States and Europe, it provides Leader Zero ON/OFF function setting.

2. Real-time date display
The date display is also one of the basic functions of the clock. The energy column can display the year, month and day at the same time, and when the year, month and day are displayed, there are dashes between the numbers as a distinction;
Support lunar calendar display;
The lunar calendar date does not need to be set, and can be automatically calculated according to the set Gregorian calendar date;
The date format supports four formats: YY-MM-DD/YY-DD-MM/DD-MM-YY/MM-DD-YY.

3. Indoor temperature display
Using DS18B20 temperature sensor, the clock can display the current real-time temperature, and the temperature format supports two display modes of Celsius/Fahrenheit.
DS18B20 is integrated on the circuit board. Here, in order to reduce the heating of the components on the circuit board, the measurement is inaccurate by spreading copper or the PCB itself conducts heat to the DS18B20. A separate processing process is made here to weld the DS18B20 PCB Part of it is cut separately from the main board, leaving only a long and narrow small board to carry DS18B20 to avoid the influence of the heat of the PCB board, and the long and narrow small board is not coated with copper, so as to avoid the copper spreading to conduct heat to the pins of DS18B20 and cause temperature measurement Not allowed.

4. Automatic cycle display of date and temperature
The date and temperature can be displayed alternately according to the set time interval, and the time interval for the alternate display of time/date can be set independently, you can set only the alternate display of time/date, or only set the alternate display of time/temperature, or set the time/date /Temperature display alternately;

5. Infrared remote control function
The main body of the energy column has a simple design, without any buttons, and all settings and operations are carried out by an infrared remote control.

6. Eight-level brightness setting. Brightness can be adjusted automatically
Built-in 8-level brightness adjustment function, which can be set to a fixed brightness, and can also be set to an Auto brightness function. The clock can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the intensity of the ambient light.

7. Two groups of alarm functions
Supports two alarms, and each alarm can be turned on or off independently. When the alarm time is up, four short alarm bells will sound, and the alarm will last for 1 minute. After the alarm sounds, press any key on the remote control to turn off the alarm.

8. Timer function
It supports up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds countdown reminder function.

9. Support GPS time calibration function
GPS time calibration is real-time synchronization.
As long as the GPS keeps synchronizing with the satellite, once the ephemeris and the clock time are found to have an error of more than 1s, the time and date of the current clock will be updated immediately to ensure that the error between the clock time and the satellite time is controlled within 1s. And, in order to support a variety of different types of GPS, the baud rate setting function is also provided in the menu this time, which can support GPS with four communication rates of 4800bps/9600bps/19200bps/38400bps. The GPS interface of the circuit board is an RS232 interface. If the GPS is a TTL level interface, the RS232-TTL circuit on the circuit board can be skipped, which is convenient and practical;
In the clock menu, it also supports the display of the current GPS connection status. When the GPS is not connected, the clock will display No GPS. When the GPS is connected, but the GPS is not connected to the satellite, the clock will display Search. When the connection is successful, The clock will display On Line.

10. Support UTC setting
The clock menu supports the time difference setting of the current city relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). For example, the UTC in Beijing is GMT+8. After the setting is completed, the clock will automatically convert the local time according to the setting every time GPS is synchronized.

11. Key tone on/off function
The key tone can be turned on or off through the menu.

12. Timing on/off function
In order to prolong the service life of the tube, you can set the clock to automatically shut down at night or during the day when you go to work. It will automatically turn on at dawn or after get off work. When the tube is turned off, the tube is completely powered off, especially IV- 18 The filament of the fluorescent tube will turn off the filament power to extend the life of the fluorescent tube.
When entering the shutdown time period, the clock will display Auto OFF for three seconds, indicating that the current clock has entered the automatic shutdown state. In the automatic shutdown state, press any key on the remote control, the clock will immediately turn on and display the current time, 3 seconds After an hour, it will automatically restore the automatic shutdown state and prompt Auto OFF.
In the automatic shutdown state, you can still view the date, temperature, alarm settings and other functions, and you can set the functions, and you can open the settings menu normally.

13. Upside/down automatic switching function
Because the IV-18 fluorescent tube is almost symmetrical, it continues the characteristics of my LED clock work, supports forward and reverse, and can display normally.

Finished product configuration:
1 x fluorescent tube electronic clock
1 x remote control
1 x Mini USB cable (1.2M)
Note: GPS receiver is not included.

DIY kit configuration:
1 x Metal Shell Accessories Kit (including all the metal parts and screws used in the shell assembly)
A set of semi-finished PCB boards (all SMT components have been welded by the SMT machine)
1 x Kit for all in-line electronic components (DIY soldering is required)
1 x IV-18 fluorescent tube
1 x infrared remote control
1 x Mini USB cable (1.2M)
Note: GPS receiver is not included SpecificationGeneralDimensions and WeightPackage Contents
Material: ABS,Acrylic,Metal
Application Scope: Holiday Decoration,Home,Home Decoration,Night Light,Party
Input Voltage: 5V
Available Light Color: Blue
Package weight: 0.3200 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 5.20 x 6.40 cm / 7.87 x 2.05 x 2.52 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Clock Kit

IV-18 Fluorescent Tube Glow Clock Energy Pillar - Multi-A Finished Product with US Plug

IV-18 Fluorescent Tube Glow Clock Energy Pillar - Multi-A Finished Product with US Plug
IV-18 Fluorescent Tube Glow Clock Energy Pillar - Multi-A Finished Product with US Plug


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